Written by Hannlore R. from Germany
I would like to thank you for Viva-Lite bulb which I won as prize. I was really happy when I got it.

Thank you so much.

Written by Pekka from Finland
I ordered a couple of Viva-Lite lamps for experimenting and did some interesting observations. There is a renovation going on in all rooms of the house. I´ve changed conventional energy saving lamps into Viva-Lites in some rooms using same wattages. Now after some weeks I realize that without even thinking of it I automatically go in a daylight room when reading the drawings. That also happens although the actual working place is in another room…

Also the ladies of the house do their make-up in a bathroom with Viva-Lite lighting, although the space there is very limited because of the renovation. Normally ladies seldom use this smaller bathroom, but the bigger – but there is still the conventional lighting.

It seems obvious to me that Viva-Lite lighting is a lot better than the old one – we use rooms with Viva-Lite even if it´s not the easiest way for us

Written by Anonymous from Helsinki, Finland
Today my working friend bought the first daylight lamp in his life. He was very excited. He had never before seen a light like this. I too thought that daylight must be blue and cold. But it was something totally different. If there is heaven, it is lighted with Viva-Lite ;-). And I too was ”sold” on Viva-Lite.

Written by Judy from Kenwick, AU
I bought a bulb for our kitchen as i have to have it on all day and I was so surprised my electricity bill was only $50 .00 for the 2 months (the lowest before was 2 years ago at $70.00) and I also feel much better working under the full spectrum light. I would do my whole house out with them if I could afford it as I totally believe in the concept.

Written by Judith from ProofreadNZ Limited
I continue to love my Viva-Lite working and living environment.
It really does make a difference! . . . and after almost three years of all-day, every-day use, the tubes are still going strong.
Working at a computer for most of the day creates a high level of visual tension, but I find the full-spectrum lighting relaxes my eyes.
I can work longer without tiring . . . and be far less affected by the long, dreary stretches of days without sunshine.
I have my sunshine indoors – all year long!
Best wishes and kind regards,

Written by Jenny from Masterton, NZ
We are de-lighted (!) with the Viva-Lite light bulbs. In our home office we have two ceiling light fittings and we used to have Eco bulbs in them. I always found the light in the office inadequate. It was almost as though the room got darker when you switched the lights on. And then we put a Viva-Lite full spectrum bulb in. What a difference, it really was like night and day. What is more, we only need one bulb instead of the two we used to have. Now I can read without using my glasses because there is enough light and light of the right type. We will be buying more of them.

Written by Nils from Auckland, NZ
I used my Vita-Lite full spectrum lamp at my desk in a windowless office, otherwise lit only by fluorescent tubes. The Vita-Lite really makes a difference. The amount of light and especially the colour (white, not reddish or greenish) improves my mood, wakefulness, and the feeling of ‘freshness’ at the end of the day. It also made it a lot easier to read for extended periods of time.
Again, Best Wishes for you and your business

Written by Maria from Auckland, NZ
I bought two Viva-Lite Full Spectrum lights. I bought them because I live in a very dark house that doesn't get a lot of light - particularly in the winter. I used one lightbulb in our living area and one lightbulb in the bedroom. I've found them great and I would definitely buy them again. They made my house feel much more cheery and stopped me from getting down in the winter due to the lack of light. They made a vast improvement to my enjoyment of the house and also winter basically. I would definitely recommend them to others.
NB I know that the Viva-Lite Full Spectrum lights aren't supposed to be used in bedrooms because the full spectrum "daylight" can possibly interfere with sleep. However, I used one in the bedroom because the room was very dark during the day and just used a reading lamp later at night and this stopped me from having any sleeping problems.
Cheers and thanks very much.

Written by Thomas from Birkenhead, NZ
I put the lights, 5 of them, in my home office. At first they were good, a nice change giving more "daylight" to a home office. But after a while I got a little frustrated with the whitish-ness of them, especially at night, and they didn't throw off enough light. So I now use a mix of about 2/3 incandescent bulbs and 1/3 full spectrum bulbs. I missed the warmth of the tungsten filament. I also found that the equivalencies in wattage were way off by about a factor of two - one 23W Viva-Litet is not equal to a 100W tungsten light - more like 50W tungsten.

Written by David - IT Consultant from Wellington, NZ
I work from home and my office does not get a lot of natural light (small south facing window). After reading about the role that sunlight plays in maintaining a positive, happy mood, I decided to replace my halogen bulbs with Viva-Lite Full Spectrum Lights from us in the Wellness-Shop.
The first thing that I noticed was that the colour of the light was much whiter that the previous halogen bulbs. I no longer feel eye strain after spending long periods in front of the computer screen.
Although it is hard to measure the mood aspect of the lights I'd have to say that I do feel better and now enjoy working in my office.
I would certainly recommend Viva-Lite Full Spectrum Lights for anyone who spends long periods of time under artificial lights.
Kind regards

Written by Richard from Oamaru, NZ
I use the lights in my work area and lounge. I can't really say they've made much difference, at least none that I can notice. I do find however that they're easier on the eyes as I have them on all day and it feels quite comfortable. I'd buy them again.

Written by Vivienne from Christchurch, NZ
Want to thank you for sending the bulbs I requested and answering my questions when I rang and emailed I have already personally appreciated the difference these bulbs make. The Electrician is not so easy to convince! So I downloaded your Info regarding full spectrum lighting -specifically the tubes-with your website address and printed it out for him. He is connecting electricity to the garage and had suggested a double florescent light. He said he would check out your products with his supplier -a friend of his in Rangiora. This is why I have not replied regarding the tubes.

My brother also is not yet convinced that my changing of the light bulbs, in this place I've just moved into, is economically sound. I'm thinking of giving him one to try out for one of his garages where he enjoys working on his hobby-assembling cars.

All good wishes,

Written by Jacob from Auckland, NZ
Hi there,
I am very happy with the light, and it was a great purchase. We use the light in our Study/Office at home. I mainly use it for reading, studying, writing, using the computer etc. I think it has made a difference to my daily life, as I feel I get more done when I am in my office now. With regular light, my eyes would get strained and I would easily get distracted from what I was working on. But this light makes me feel energetic and refreshed. At first the Viva-Lite Full Spectrum light colour seems really white, but my eyes really quickly adjust to it, and then I dont really want to go back into a room with regular lights.
I have no problems at all with this light. Also the fact that it is an energy saving bulb makes it even better!
Thank you,

Written by Cathy from Albany, NZ
I purchased my viva light bulb in the winter and put it above my desk where I was spending alot of time on the computer. I found that it brightened my work area on dull days and made it feel like summer again.
I'm sure it helped me feel less tired by the end of the day.

Written by John from Nollamara, AU
I bought the Viva lights instead of normal energy saving lamps as I work from home in an office with little natural light. I was concerned about reports of adverse effects from exposure to fluorescent lighting for lengthy periods. I also use the lights for two reading lamps and areas where the lights are on for lengthy periods. I also bought them so my eyes would be exposed to a more natural spectrum of wave lengths. Our eyes evolved for sunlight, exposing them to concentrations of limited wavelengths within that spectrum for lengthy periods can't be good for overall eye health.I am certainly more relaxed using the Viva lights not having to worry about those issues. I also suspect my eyes don't get as tired. The only issue I would have with them, is they are not bright enough.

Written by Joshua from Lilydale, AU
I use the lamps at my desk at home, which I use for study several hours a week. I haven’t necessarily noticed a massive change physically in my daily life, but I like the more natural feel of the lighting. All round I’m happy with the purchase.

Written by Terri from Upper Hutt, NZ
My husband became seriously ill in July 2005 and only given a few months to live.
I was determined to give him the best chance and looked for everything I could find to help him. Among other things, I bought these light bulbs and used two in the room where he spent most of his time. One in a reading light and one in a general room light.
He recovered enough to be able to spend two years living well, holidays and good family times. Sadly he passed away last October but he beat the odds by more than 3 years and I know that using these light bulbs improved his mood and feeling of wellness.
Thankyou for selling these products, I dont know anywhere else I could have bought them.
Best wishes,

Written by Chris from Upper Hutt, NZ
The Viva-Lite Full Spectrum bulb has been great for assisting with keeping a regular sleep cycle and really helps to get the day started.
We use them next to our bed. Thank you!
Kind regards,

Written by David from Brisbane, AU
Viva-Lite, the natural solution.
Studies show that increasing levels of red spectrum light, emitted from incandescent bulbs activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the flight and fight response. Since fitting Viva-lite full spectrum bulbs with clearer and more dominant Blue Light spectrum, I am more relaxed and able to work and study more efficiently.
As i look into my window from outside, the light from my room mirrors the moon in its natural reflection of the sun at nighttime. As i look into the light glowing from my room, I am calmed and serene, like looking up to the light from the moon. Thank you Viva-Lite.

There are few products on the market I would recommend to all my friends. Viva-lite full spactrum bulbs I can, and do recommend.
I was so impressed by the results of these lights on my ability to focus while working, and their clarifying effect on moods, I gave some to my friends, they too were impressed. Whats my secret? Viva-Lite.


Written by Peter from Nelson, NZ
Apart for the fact I would like the lamps to be smaller because I use them behind my lazy boy in a floor standing lamp .
My use is mainly for reading and I appreciate the extra light and the color of the light.
They really made my reading less tiresome.
Should be nice if the bulbs were somewhat smaller, the bulbs look a bit bulky.
Kind Regards,

Written by Simon from Auckland, NZ

These full spectrum bulbs are definitely the best I have used. I'm in the Airforce and living in the barracks at Whenuapai where they tend to use the most budget fluorescent light they can. The main bulb in my room flickers about 5 times before it actually turns on. It then constantly flickers and make an annoying buzzing noise when operating. Apparently this type of lighting had been banned in the US and Europe. Instead I bought 2 Viva-Lite bulbs to substitute and was most impressed. The things I liked the most was the fact that they light up straight away and the light is actually nice and bright and easy on the eyes. It is a huge difference from fluorescent lights. Everything in the room all lights up brighter and the colours believe it or not actually do come out clearer and brighter. I don't know if it is a design feature but they also seem to be fairly bullet proof. Mine has fallen off off my deck a few times but still remains in one piece. These lights are definitely recommended. The differences are actually noticeable unlike some alternate therapy's where it is all in the mind and what you believe.

Written by Charlotte from Christchurch, NZ

We purchased two viva-lite full spectrum lights late last winter and use them in our family room. The colour of them is a lot nicer/calmer/natural than our other lights. In fact we are thinking about putting them in our childrens bedrooms as it just seems like the right thing to do. We didn't purchase them to improve our health, as we didn't have any health problems however we did purchase them to see if they would give off a more natural light, which they do. I am looking forward to seeing how they work this coming winter, as they haven't had a lot of use to date.
Kind regards,

Written by Lorraine from Orewa, NZ

Would just like to say that I'm very pleasd with the bulb and with your very helpful advice and customer service. I bought the bulb to use when I am moved into a windowless internal office - the first time in my life that I will have to spend 8 hours a day without good natural light from a window. The move has been delayed for a few weeks (thank goodness!) but I've tried the lamp and bulb at home and feel sure it will be a great help when I do move office. I'm hoping the bright light will help with reading as the only other lights are fluorescent tubes which flicker. I like that the bulb doesn't give off as much heat as an ordinary bulb, too.

Many thanks

Written by Charles from Christchurch, NZ

I found the lights good... only I didn't know when I ordered them that you had bayonet available, so I had to replace my light fittings to use them. Maybe you should make that more clear.

Kind regards,

Written by Julie from Wallacetown, NZ

Having read about the benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting, I believed that it would be a wise choice to my health & my families to source a bulb, especially since living in the south of the South Island, we don't get as much natural sunshine as our more northern population. My sons and husband are not so convinced about the need for this type of light, so as a starting point I've installed it in the bathroom. Needless to say they all get a dose of 'sunshine' for as long as they occupy the bathroom each morning.
I will be getting some more bulbs for other rooms, since the winter months are approaching.

Kind regards

Written by Cheryl from Waikato, NZ, moved to AU

The lights are great. I purchased them because I suffer from SAD. My husband made a fixture to instill the two long tubes and I sat in front of those every day when I couldn't get sun. Which was most of the time in the Waikato. One fo the small lights I took to work and had in my office and although small, I do believe it made a difference.
The long tube lights made a noticeble difference in my mood and energy levels. My husband found me easier to live with and although nothing is as good as direct sunlight for SAD sufferers, they did help. We have now moved to the Sunshine Coast of Australia and I don't need them in the same way that I did in New Zealand. I have kept the small Viva light bulbs with me as I like the light quality. However I have passed the tubes and fixture on to my mother who loves them. Seasonal Affective Disorder runs in our family.

Thanks very much

Written by Sharleen from Wellington, NZ

I use the bulbs in the kitchen and living room, and found them really good over the particularly gloomy winter last year, for providing a bit more daylight inside the house...

Written by Kaisa from Finland

We are really happy with the lamps, beautiful light. Too bad it won´t fit in our table lamps but luckily in our pendants. We´ll order more when our house is getting ready. Anyway there is no return to normal energy saving bulbs… Kind greetings

Written by Pekka from Finland

I bought a couple of 32W Viva-Lite spiral lamps for testing after a friend of mine had told about light. I must say I really am happy with the colour and brightness of the colour. When I leave my working room where I have those lamps burning, it feels like entering a room with candlelight Splendid products and definately worth their price. Strong buy!

Written by Virpi from Finland

Lamps are now installed. I have to say that I really enjoy the lighting. Not missing old yellow incandescent lamps. Have a sunny spring!

Written by Henna from Finland

Hello and thanks for the links. We installed daylight lamps into fixtures in our living room and the difference really is amazing! Now the light from any other lamp really is disturbingly yellow and you can see how bad lighting it really is. Next time when in Turku we have to come and buy a couple of more lamps.

Written by Pertsa from Finland

Thank you! 216 W in kitchen sounded like a lot, but now I'm used to it already and there is not too much light at all. I even borrowed a lux-meter, on eye level when sitting there are 700 lx, when standing 1000 lx. Our kitchen is light toned, it is of 10sqm, ceiling height normal 2,60m. There is light up to 21,6 W/sqm..

Written by Aimo from Finland
The products came on Friday and we've been enlighting our life with happiness. After this experience I noticed that so far I´ve experienced light as visual but now I can even feel it. In other words light can be experienced through other senses too. Interesting!!

Written by Work Safety Representative from Finland
One of our clients is very happy with our new full spectrum fluorescent tubes. 08.04.2005: I too was surprised of how pleasant the light is. Our client told that it is as if there are no lights at all. She also told that there is much less reflection from the papers that are easier to read. As you can figure out we´ll buy the test tubes! Do you happen to have stickers that can be put on doors telling about the full spectrum lighting? I´d like to tell others too about the big differance between different lamps.

Written by Anne from Finland
Especially good pages and interesting products. A positive feeling of the company. A big bonus are the donations to charity-page.